Week 2362

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The Seattle house closed, so now all that equity is sitting in a bank account. Combined with the retirement funds, it looks like a lot of dollars. Yet I don’t feel wealthier; converting a fixed asset to liquid doesn’t actually change net worth and even brings more responsibility to be productive with it. And the complications of our dual-nation life makes retirement planning feel like gambling. At least now cash flow is a lot more simple and I can budget more proactively.

The first week back at work was tiring only because of the context shifting. Generally, my normal role is going smoothly and the job that’s closer to org design is inching forward.

My little bit of Dutch is already rusty despite daily Duolingo during holiday.


4 Notes

Social recovery and other forms of public diplomacy deserve scrutiny and must be performed openly, but represent an important and oft-overlooked duty of government.


Being an expat comes with some risk of losing touch with traditions from the homeland.

I nearly forgot to celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day.

Maciej Ceglowski, one of the greatest essayists of our generation, has clearly articulated the need for privacy regulation that reaches for more than informed consent: https://idlewords.com/2019/06/the_new_wilderness.htm

Dog name registries are like Swiss train counters, but with Roman numerals.