Week 2363

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Work is smooth. A recent hire seems to be working out quite well, and I rarely feel like I’m fighting a fire these days. I’m impatient to be working faster towards change. It feels like I’m missing something with how often I’ve been given “just do it” advice when “doing it” requires resources I don’t have.

I worked from home two days while we had an air conditioner installed. (A lot of research went into minimizing our carbon guilt about that!) It was more enjoyable and productive than I expected.

On Saturday I got in one of my longer workout rides (75 km) and remembered how soft I’ve become but also how rewarding it is to push past comfort.

6 Notes

Amsterdam is in constant flux. Almost 3% of the city’s population is coming or going each year, and the balance shifts dramatically.

(To read this chart, “geboorteovershot" is births, “buitenlands” is foreign, and “binnenlands" is domestic. Source: OIS)

There’s still one webOS feature Apple hasn’t copied yet: Exhibition (docked mode) would be great for iPads and a HomePod-ish dock.

Arthur Laffer is a quintessential, Lochner-era defender of “the economy" over all other civic concerns. Nothing suits his legacy better than forever being associated with the name of Donald Trump. #medaloffreedom

Holding party process sacrosanct, even as society evolves more quickly than it can adapt, is a greater betrayal of progressive values than "putting our thumb on the scale.”