Week 2364

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Very business-as-usual this week.

As this week ends, Shannon’s mother has arrived. This will be the first time our little house has a guest. Thankfully, we got the airco just in time for the first intense summer heat.


3 Notes

The latest edition of the White House’s “West Wing Reads” newsletter is entitled _ Democrats’ Outrageous Border Cruelty_.

If “lower” mammals have episodic memory, does this imply attempts to build general AI should start there? https://aeon.co/ideas/animals-do-have-memories-and-can-help-us-crack-alzheimers

This is an important point about user data self-ownership via Dave Winer: The reality of switching networks is gradual, so we need portability from the big silos via syndication streams not only export batches. http://scripting.com/2019/06/27/145702.html