Week 2378

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The big news this week is that Shannon and I took the first of the Dutch integration exams. This was the one I expect to be easiest for me: reading comprehension. Results may take many weeks, but I am optimistic.

Winter seems to be starting early, and the rains have caused significant leaks at home. Finding people to repair or rebuild will be a challenge.

Most dramatically, Fog was a bit ill. But we quickly got tests run and have him on medicine and a special diet, so expect he will be well.

Work continues to be a challenge of human communication and organization navigation. Not the most interesting problems to solve, but good experience for me nonetheless.

3 Notes

‪I’ve looked up murder rates (intentional homicides annually per 100k residents) for cities where I have lived.‬

‪Seattle, one of the safest cities in the US: 4‬

‪Amsterdam, by far the most dangerous city in the Netherlands: 2‬

‪St. Louis, which I thought was normal: 63‬

I am dismayed to find I can only remember enough cities to account for a quarter of the US population.

Vandaag maken we ons eerste examen voor Nederland inburgering. Heel spannend!

Wij moeten vijf examen maken. Deze was om te lezen. De andere vier zal moeilijker zijn, mar ik denk dat ik heb deze goed gedaan.