Week 2379

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We passed the first exam. 🎉

Fog is recovering nicely.

We’re in the midst of our periodic purge-and-reorganize at home. It means everything is a mess, but will be neat and tidy for another few months soon. It’s very good that Shannon and I are both a bit obsessive about a neat house. We both get annoyed over little differences in our tolerance for clutter, I imagine stress would be high if either of us was…more like the rest of my family.

I have finally kicked off some more strategic work at the office. I wish it hadn’t taken me a year to get bold enough to simply declare workstreams with other teams. Considering how much basic work I’ve had, I guess I should be content to have gotten here at all.

Future opportunities are multiplying, so my confidence is generally higher.


2 Notes

Yes, Trump is a disaster, but when we study the First US Constitution, the final chapter will begin with February 13, 2016.