Week 2401

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The novel coronavirus has made its way to the Netherlands, specifically around EIndhoven. It happens that I didn’t go on Tuesday like usual, and then our work from home protocol started down there so I haven’t been since the 5th.

I haven’t even been to the Amsterdam office since the 10th, and now we’re working from home almost everywhere. The government has put social distancing measures in place, quite short of “lock down” but still life-changing.

I’m worried that we don’t have any expectations for how long we’ll be adapting to the virus. China put serious effort in and it’s been a long time, yet few are discussing more than the next two weeks.

∏ Day passed without incident.


3 Notes

I’m hoping the Netherlands handles COVID-19 more like Japan than like Italy, but I’m a bit pessimistic, given our mercantile orientation.

But at least we’re certain not to bungle it as badly as the US.

No surprise, poverty makes us stupid.

Then we’re more easily sucked into the “socialism is bad” narrative, which makes more of us more poor. It’s a viscous cycle of stupid austerity.

“Der kapitalismus hat grenzen” is one of those German phrases that cannot be translated to American English.