Week 2402

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Though I’m used to working from home some days, doing it every day while all my coworkers also do is different. We all get used to video calls and they start replacing asynchronous email, so my schedule is 95% full with Microsoft Teams. With no need to move from room to room, I feel like I’m sneaking to take a moment and stretch my legs.

I think we’ll be doing this for a long time, and I will need to start making big spaces to think, and smaller ones to move.

Social life also is virtualized. On Friday night we shared drinks with several friends via Google Hangouts. On Sunday morning we had a surprise birthday party with Skype.

2 Notes

I worried that social distancing would mean Transit Driver Appreciation Day would pass unnoticed just when train operators and bus drivers deserve our thanks the most. But a quick look at #tdad and I found dozens of agencies all over North America celebrating.

Thanks, drivers!

Are there social distancing mutual funds, yet?