Week 2403

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Another week, same as the last one. We’ve been avoiding the morning constitutional, but are forming new morning habits with yoga and the rowing machine.

It was a busy work week, planning for the next quarter and preparing to close this current one. Still many things for me to learn the first time.

Friends and family are all well, but I worry about everyone back in the US.

3 Notes

When is Elon Musk going to introduce an Cybertruck Isolation Mode with an airlock for drive-thru food pickup? #MonetizeThePandemic

The actual experts working on scenarios to prevent large-scale death in the US usually “end” with a regimen of contact tracing and contain.

We can’t even pull off the census without politics getting in the way, and never restrain the movement of white people. 😬

I really wish all the public design languages out there would admit they are re-introducing depth and affordances to software UI. #kidsthesedays