Week 2404

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Another week in COVID-19 quarantine. I might be missing my train commutes to Eindhoven, soon.

Work is fine. The end of my first quarter was a big milestone, I feel a transition from “onboarding” to “responsible” and am glad for it.

This weekend was beautiful, leading to serious concerns that citizens would be unable to resist going out and creating fertile ground for the virus. Reports are mixed about how well everyone behaved, but our eagerness to fall on the responsible side of normal means we stayed home. Maybe next weekend I will indulge in a bike ride, looking for a path out of the city that avoids crowds.

4 Notes

World of Warcraft had a pandemic and the CDC used the data to refine epidemiology models.

We are now in a pandemic simulation run by the real humans. Sadly, this is the “incompetent leadership” scenario, and if we manage to survive it will be re-used for the climate change sim.

This rant towards the NY Times is perfect.

Trump may be openly attacking the press, but he cannot force them to play his stupid us-vs-them games. The fourth estate has committed suicide, sacrificing our culture so their businesses could survive the internet.

Belligerent ignorance is the new terrorism.

“…as far from the bat as possible.”

This sober view COVID-19 by @xandvt gave me a new way to think about measures beyond curve-flattening.

We are creating a selection environment to encourage this novel coronavirus to evolve into a less harmful form, more like its cousins.