Week 2413

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It felt like a breakthrough week at work, really getting to think about strategy instead of only basic program hygiene. It’s been fine and I have no serious complaints, but it is better to see this glimpse of the job I hoped to get to.

The outrage after George Floyd seems to have found some kindling that Michael Brown and Eric Garner hadn’t quite ignited. Maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s 3 years of tinpot facism. I’m worried for public health but heartened by the passion for social justice. Watching from abroad remains surreal.

On Monday, we enjoyed a taste of normal, starting with a reservation at the Rijksmuseum. It was an incredible treat to be there with no crowd. Later we visited our favorite bar, but with inhibitions loosened weren’t as careful as we’d like. Even though risks in this city are very low right now, we won’t be repeating that soon.

1 Note

Deciding how to support the #BlackLivesMatter can be complicated. So, in hope of inspiring others, let me highlight our personal selections:

The NAACP legal defense fund serves the black community in several meaningful ways, both immediately relevant and more strategic.

The American Civil Liberties Union is always a good choice. Today they are fighting such bullshit as putting open-air, masked protesters in indoor cells together while blaming them for not being safe.

It’s unfortunate that ActBlue’s mutual aid and bail funds collective can be labeled “blue” because taking care of vulnerable people has become a political statement. But even if you’re “red” this is a good way to broadly apply timely help.

Campaign Zero has been working towards sensible US police reform for some time, and is the leading focus fund for this issue today.

North Campus was founded by Antonio French, one of the strongest peacekeepers during #Ferguson. They provide social and education programs for youth in North St. Louis.