Week 2414

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Last week I wrote that we wouldn’t be repeating the experience of going out, but that didn’t hold. On Saturday we joined some of our more responsible friends for cocktails and dinner. All quite safe but for the walking to and from. Outdoors, the cafes in our neighborhood barely seem to be trying to maintain distancing.

I took a sick day from work on Tuesday with a head cold, and had to “WFH” on Wednesday; I worked and communicated but didn’t join calls because my voice was too weak. Now I feel behind, a bit, but recovery was pretty swift. There were never any symptoms to trigger COVID concern.

Our informal browsing of the home market has turned up one property we’re excited about. More importantly, perhaps, it has highlighted our discontents with the current house. This adds a sense of inevitability to the experiment.

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I know AOC is amazing, but are you all watching what @cmkshama is up to in Seattle? Maybe I’m biased because I voted for her, but to me she really represents grassroots progressive America.

My dream building has been put on the market and is a bargain. Please support my GoFundMe.