Week 2442

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My aunt Helen passed away; I guess technically at the end of last week. I’m reviving childhood memories of her by eating St. Louis-style Italian food and remembering her hospitality during the infamous Colorado Springs repossession operation.

The one-on-one introductions to our program team seems to be paying off; I see formerly-quiet team members speaking up more in my presence and some pro-actively bringing things to my attention. Hopefully it helped make me disarming when I ran a tangential meeting many of them attended and brought goats into the video call.

It’s palindrome week, and almost solstice. How auspicious!

The next two weeks should be very quiet, I need to motivate myself to write or build something rather than fritter the time away playing Outlanders.


2 Notes

This essay on designing for more than the user was clearly written by committee, but makes an important point. Don’t miss the 5 strategies for systemic design.

We weren’t yet aware of Terry Pratchett but somehow stumbled upon Hogfather several years ago. Watching it is now a Christmas ritual.