Week 2445

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First “normal” week of work as everyone returned from holidays. I had much more time to focus than usual, still.

Of course the storming of the US Capitol has been quite a distraction. I’m more glued to Twitter than I’d like, and have written several half-posts that I may or may not ever finish. I wish I could just let go and not worry about the US as I learned to stop worrying about historic preservation in St. Louis, or transportation policy in Seattle. Distance should temper passion, but this is too big to ignore.

The Dutch failure to plan vaccination doesn’t make focusing locally much more enjoyable.

2 Notes

Complex workflows are part of the fitness function for software platforms. If just anyone could set one up, you’d have to actually create something to get the “I’m a real programmer” dopamine rush.


A storyline from the first 5 episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which seems quite relevant a half-century later, as summarized on Wikipedia:

Lady Elaine’s changes to the geography of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe worry King Friday, who begins to impose new rules and restrictions in Make-Believe, and builds a wall.

Meanwhile, King Friday worries about an invasion of people who want to change the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and drafts her (Lady Aberlin) as a border guard.

Because of the new rules and restrictions in Make-Believe, Cornflake S. Pecially refuses to visit the castle. Chef Brockett delivers a cake to King Friday, who is suspicious of more changes, cuts the cake into many pieces to inspect it.

At the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday still wants to protect his province, so he sends Handyman Negri to install punch clocks at both ends of it.

Betty Aberlin takes some helium balloons to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Tagging them with a message of peace, she floats them above the castle. When King Friday reads the message, he ceases his efforts to stop change. The wall is taken down.