Week 2444

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And then NYE happened, and it was also boring. There were still plenty of fireworks despite the new ban, but far fewer then I am used to and very little in the streets. But that’s probably because we’re in a classied neighborhood.

I’m disappointed in how much I was able to do during the quiet holiday period at work. Plenty of wrapping up loose ends, not enough creation.

2020 is over, but I’m not into the hype about it. Sure we’re another day closer to the the pandemic being handled, but that won’t be soon. Trump is still president and the Biden administration is not going to simply reverse the decline of America’s political system. No one is taking climate change as seriously as we need to, nor is Europe really prepared for the neverending refugee crises it will spawn. Happy New Year!


4 Notes

Google has unionized, Pakistan is using a vaccine from China, Russian hackers could still be anywhere, the UK won’t extradite to the US over human rights concerns, POTUS has allies in a blatant coup, and COVID-19 is now more infectious.

2021 was supposed to be boring.

This reflection on the Dutch pandemic from @bencoates1 mirrors my perspective well. Especially in disappointment that the press who held Pete Hoekstra to task now seems lenient domestically.

This is the best summary of how the “republic of landowners” legacy has skewed US democratic representation.

Sugar and tea and rum.

The Wellerman TikTok that’s gone viral is great, but I like this fork even better.