Week 2447

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Last week at work went well. I’m gradually getting more visibility and feel empowered. A little.

Saturday was Shannon’s birthday. It’s sad, of course, that we’re still in lockdown. But we made the most of it, for sure. She made king cake on Friday, so we went for a long walk about the city delivering to local friends before picking up fancy tea from the Waldorf Astoria. At home, we spent more than three hours drinking champagne while I plated each of the 12 courses. Without screens and with the official music playlist, it really evoked the experience of going out surprisingly well.

Later, we enjoyed an cocktail workshop over Zoom with a small number of friends. This, too, approximated the experience of visiting a bar together more than I would have imagined. Even the regrettable junk food delivery order at the end of the night felt like a trip to FEBO.

Not a great adventure to a unique hotel that will be remembered for years, but as close as one can responsibly hope, these days.

2 Notes

A lot of “thought leaders” are finally getting educated about how financial markets work. If GME had happened a year ago, I think Warren would have won the Democratic primary.

There are thresholds of ignorance and violence that are dangerous, and advocating beyond them means you ought to be silenced.

We need to keep talking about whether “cancel culture” sets them too low, but if you deny they exist you have crossed the ignorance threshold.

Marjorie Taylor Green, photo by Jonathan Ernst for Reuters
Marjorie Taylor Green, photo by Jonathan Ernst for Reuters