Week 2447

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Shannon’s work is stressful, but she’s handling it gracefully. I think it helps that her BATNA is simply resigning, since we don’t need both of us to work. I hope it doesn’t come to that, though, because except for one toxic problem she enjoys her job and from here it seems pretty awesome.

I really want to be writing more, and I have time to. Why can’t I motivate myself to?

2 Notes

A lot of “thought leaders” are finally getting educated about how financial markets work. If GME had happened a year ago, I think Warren would have won the Democratic primary.

There are thresholds of ignorance and violence that are dangerous, and advocating beyond them means you ought to be silenced.

We need to keep talking about whether “cancel culture” sets them too low, but if you deny they exist you have crossed the ignorance threshold.

Marjorie Taylor Green, photo by Jonathan Ernst for Reuters