Week 2448

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Shannon’s work is stressful, but she’s handling it gracefully. I think it helps that her BATNA is simply resigning, since we don’t need both of us to work. I hope it doesn’t come to that, though, because except for one toxic problem she enjoys her job and from here it seems pretty awesome.

I really want to be writing more, and I have time to. Why can’t I motivate myself to?


2 Notes

IFF you believe Google is right that “advertising is essential to keeping the web open for everyone” AND don’t believe the site I’m currently visiting expresses my interest enough, then their FLoC proposal looks promising. But those are some pretty big assumptions.

Survivorship bias leads us to over-value taking risks.

We admire the entrepreneur who moves fast and breaks things, because the few we know are successful. Nevermind those who broke their own business, and don’t have a Wikipedia page.