Week 2449

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It was a fairly good work week, and we have only the “usual” pandemic-induced stress at home. Even minor holidays like Valentine’s Day are reminders about how trapped we feel, but we’re mitigating well with fancy take-out. This time, a suite of cocktails delivered on Thursday (with a rose). Then dinner on Saturday from Bistro Baret, the fancy French place in our building (also with a rose). Being right there means they can prepare a meal ready to eat that would not have survived delivery. On Sunday itself, there was some drama when the Waldorf’s fancy whisky tasting (with heart balloons) came with the wrong food, but we gave the seafood to a neighbor to enjoy and they quickly delivered vegetarian replacements and a bottle of champagne to apologize.

All of these enjoyed in our nice house with music and no phones is a decent approximation for dining out. But no substitute for socializing with friends.

The snow was beautiful and it’s always charming to see how many people get so excited by the opportunities to skate on natural ice.


2 Notes

It’s about time I caught up to the cool kids, so I have launched my first Gemini capsule.

I can’t help but wonder how different this weekend might have been, or might not have been, if the Facebook Insurrection mob had gotten to Pence on Jan 6.