Week 2461

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Koningsdag was crazier than expected. Eve was spent riding out curfew with some of Shannon’s colleagues, and the day involved a long walk across the city, some time sitting in Westerpark, and the return. By late mid-day the crowds were getting thick. Sometimes uncomfortable even outdoors.

But I think it was fine, and made me wish we could always have tourist-free King’s Days. And hooray for 3-day work weeks.

By this weekend the weather was unseasonably shit, so yet more time was spent in Rouvy. Despite that and the recent reprieves, the stress levels around here are high.

1 Note

It is very 2021 that the best place to learn about Biden’s effort to bring worker protections to the gig economy is Teen Vogue: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/what-is-the-pro-act