Week 2462

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Only 3 days of work this week, and they were fairly quiet. Not without the faux urgency that some stakeholders like to create, but I’m getting better at resisting this.

Thursday’s weather was great and I tried a new cycling route. I will need to refine it quite a bit, but riding through Abcoude and along the Gein “river” (actually smaller than an Amsterdam canal) was so charming I will certainly be revisiting.

Same story as every week, these days: watching the US come out of lockdown while waiting for my vaccination that may not be complete until August is a bummer. An unusually cold and wet May only adds to the dreariness and I’m struggling to stay out of depression. I think Rouvy is cricital.

1 Note

First science I’ve seen suggests digital contact tracing is highly effective in controlling infection spread.

Pleasant surprise! But this makes me even angrier about how badly governments have botched this.