Week 2540

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This week’s theme at work is that I really need to work on “letting go” and put more responsibility on others. I took my first ride to the Eindhoven campus in a while, which was enjoyable.

The work on the house was more disruptive than I even expected (despite taking Hofstadter’s Law into consideration). But now it’s mostly done on the house and it is everything we hoped for. It’s just some fixes and new shelving int he living room, but feels like moving in a second time.

Shannon is still fighting a cold, or something, that has her coughing often. It’s made us a bit of homebodies, but I got to enjoy unseasonably nice weather on a ride today (Sunday).

My arm is getting troublesome and has finally passed the “seek medical help” threshold. Add that to my eye, which still fatigue me early every. single. day.