Week 2541

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The week started with learning Lou passed away over the weekend. It progressed to a roller coaster of worrying about mom. But at the end, I think everything will be alright until the (apparently) post-Christmas funeral. 😢

Another feature of the week was learning I indeed will need surgery to treat my eyes. On one hand it is a relief to have a plan and hope for resolution. But on the other … they will cut my eye muscles with a knife. 😬

At least work is progressing well. I’ve restructured the accountability in my program and people who need to step up seem prepared to do so.

The new studio takes up some mental space, it’s hard to not think of it as work despite Shannon trying to assure me I needn’t stress out about timing.

Mostly, though, I worry about my mother. Far less now than at the start of the week, at least.