Week 2555

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Shannon is set to be made redundant (laid off), which is expected because she indicated the desire to make room for growth of her team, but is being characteristically mishandled by the company. Despite the social safety net (not just unemployment insurance, but also the strong labor laws that mean she will be given “transition” pay) and my confidence she will find even better employment quickly, it’s still a stress-inducing change.

Work is more calm for me, though it is a challenge to bring my team along for the strategy shift needed to stay aligned with a dramatically-changing firm.

But the light is returning. I always love this return from Mardi Gras when Amsterdam is not as dark as I remember.

1 Note

For over two years, Apple has been openly sharing their approach to building datasets for training ML that can parse indoor spaces. This seems like an obvious signal of their plans for AR, but why can’t I find anyone reading these tea leaves?