Week 2391

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On Monday I wrapped up the last of my formal duties in my old role. And while I’ve had a couple days to read up, I really start working in my new role next Monday. So even though only Wednesday was a holiday, this whole week felt like a decompression period.

Clearing my work inbox, de-cluttering my (too many) computers, and walking away from Pokémon really has been good for clarity. The loft sale actually closed on Monday, too. We still have a storage locker in Seattle, but no more real estate. No more insurance, realtors, tenants, property taxes, etc.

2020 already feels like a reboot year of sorts.



3 Notes

Supposedly we can stop climate change for $600 billion.

Given social realities and our thirst for growth, I think we should be aiming higher, for full renewable: $73 trillion. https://e360.yale.edu/digest/the-global-price-tag-for-100-percent-renewable-energy-73-trillion

Our national terror alert level was recently reduced from 4/5 to 3/5.

The US is in a permanent “heightened level of vigilance.”

The robots have determined anthropogenic climate change has been influencing weather since 1999. This is an important first step toward them determining which of us need to be culled to save their planet.