Week 2451

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I’m deep in my mixed feelings about work. Things are going well, I definitely feel like I can be productive for another year. But I also don’t see much chance to “catch up” on my compensation level. We certainly have plenty of disposable household income, and I’m near the scope of responsibility I really want for life balance. But I’ve been anchored with expectations of earning quite a bit more that are hard to let go of.

Today (Sunday) Shannon and I took a ride together, the first from the new house. It was a delight to ride down the Amstel without having to work through the most crowded bike paths of the city. Most of all, using the lift and rolling our bikes right into the closet was one of those “this is worth is” moments.

The ride itself was a treat. Pacing with Shannon meant a consistent speed that felt like I wasn’t pushing, but the numbers show I was in a proper burn zone. Getting out onto the polders felt like normal life, for a moment.

3 Notes

I know the US is perfectly capable of domestic misinformation. “Stop the steal” puts most campaigns to shame.

Still, it’s worth remembering that if you are worried about the safety of vaccines or dislike Hilary Clinton it is quite likely you were influenced by Агентство интернет-исследований, Russia’s Internet Research Agency.

I think we all feel a little like Thomas Bangalter during this pandemic.

A phrase I am going to steal from @GabrielTeodros just now on KEXP:

If I forgot you, blame my head not my heart.