Week 2451

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Meh. Another week of lockdown. I did sneak by Shannon’s office for drinks with a small group. On Sunday we did a “food tour” that was a guided 8km walk between restaurants serving small portions. It was surprisingly well produced and the food was quite nice. We need more of this.

It seems my stepfather will not be be getting vaccinated, on doctor’s advice. I wasn’t expecting this, and it sounds like my mother also won’t. If we’re vaccinated, I suppose it shouldn’t matter … but until the science is more refined on that front it doesn’t seem safe to plan a visit this year.

3 Notes

I know the US is perfectly capable of domestic misinformation. “Stop the steal” puts most campaigns to shame.

Still, it’s worth remembering that if you are worried about the safety of vaccines or dislike Hilary Clinton it is quite likely you were influenced by Агентство интернет-исследований, Russia’s Internet Research Agency.

I think we all feel a little like Thomas Bangalter during this pandemic.

A phrase I am going to steal from @GabrielTeodros just now on KEXP:

If I forgot you, blame my head not my heart.