Week 2452

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Work is going better for Shannon, with more “allies” who care about the product over their own egos. I’m having more focus time, so finally refining many thoughts into concrete direction.

On Saturday night we broke the law by visiting friends. We picked up a dangerous haul of bottled cocktails from Bar Oldenhof on the way, ate and drank and were merry in VR. More good times that felt refreshingly normal.

Still, the birthday blahs are strong. I’ve grown to believe that growing up with extroverts and narcissists meant that either the attention was on someone else or I was put on stage as the center of attention. I need to learn to appreciate that others can be simply attentive.


4 Notes

Today is my day.

The coronavirus can take Mardi Gras from me, but it can’t stop Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.

It’s time to rebrand Bitcoin as Chinese Coal Slave Money.

Viktor Orban has called Europe’s bluff via the EPP and is effectively asserting that rule of law is a political choice. Any continued flow of EU funds into his government needs to be very publicly rationalized.

I’m hoping Apple hires @NanoRaptor to design a new M1-based Mac that is entirely enclosed in a keyboard.