Week 2388

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Eindelijk. (Finally.)

This week I informed my team that I’m leaving my current role at the end of the month. The secret has been indescribably weighty. Now I can enjoy the idea of the next one. This started with a dinner party on Thursday, and I feel pretty good about the group of people I’ll be joining.

I should spend some time reflecting on the past, first. Hopefully there will be a few blog posts in the next couple of weeks.

Shannon spent the weekend baking cookies. Even with a year between iterations, the result is impressive and suggests she could give up all this art and design stuff for a career in baking.

3 Notes

When we’re done with this fruitless impeachment, can move on to arranging Trump’s damnatio memoriae?

“We can no longer pretend that Google is a positive force in the world.”


I know this controversy is a month old, but I think Apple is wrong to remove apps that control vaping devices. The world is not safer or healthier with only disconnected vape sticks.