Week 2389

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I’m feeling the nadir of solstice. We haven’t been especially festive this season, the weather is stuck in November, and at work I’m focused on closing up.

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We generally get less narcissistic as we age. (n=747)

So it’s true, the kids are snowflakes.

Yet! Somehow the boomers started out so hyper-sensitive they remain the most self-absorbed, even in old age.


…om de uitstoot van broeikasgassen per eind 2020 met minstens 25 procent terug te dringen ten opzichte van 1990 definitief in stand blijft.

A functioning government holds itself accountable to honor commitments.

Twitter violence predicts real life violence. https://doi.org/c9qh

Some hope, for…

…redressing of the bias reportedly present in ‘predictive policing’ efforts, by refocussing the algorithmic lens away from those historically targeted by police, onto those that perpetrate harms